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  • What are a few rare but superior assembles in 2K21?

  • Lo piden...lo tienen. Que sea util!!!
Lo piden...lo tienen. Que sea util!!!
 #1266081  por Amerzone
 Jue, 24 Dic 2020, 23:57
I replicated a lebron construct and I have yet to see anybody in park. Slashing playmaker that is a 6'7 shooting guard. Yellow/blue pie chart with equivalent vertical/speed/strength. Max yellow/blue possible, create shield around a 70 each, Cheap 2K21 MT make defensive and offensive rebounding. That's done take as many attributes away as you can without placing them and losing badges and start tinkering with all the blue/yellow possible. 219 weight, and put wingspan until strength is a 70.

The end result will be 20 finishing badges, 23 playmaking, 6 defensive and enjoy 6 shooting. Finish up with a takeover. The reason you pick shooting guard over little forward is you get feature points and speed creating a shield that is more slender than you would as a small forward. Your construct can now contact dip momentum dribble. Owing to your height/weight/strength you may bully the hell out of all slashing playmakers and shooting guards and you are too fast for slower forward or bigs to stay up with you.

If you are a fantastic shooter and your teammates operate dimer you can always green with a 75 mid range and a 68 three. Made this and despite only being an 80 overall and missing badges I predominate while running the point. Nobody can stay in front of me and you can not help or I'll hit a shooter, since dimer is running. People try and pre rotate after some time but once my guy gets room he is going to get a dunk.

SG two way finisher pure crimson with playmaking slashing and protecting. Ive just used this since the launch and I can shield the 1-4 at 6'5 demon. I laughed seeing 2 manner slashing plays with the easiest assembles to safeguard that they attempt hop stepping or the exact zig zag dribbling everyone does only to get hoed by intimidator since I have a 95 on everything in shield except inside D.

I also get a 92 driving dip 70 ball controller maxed out pass precision and layup and that as much as it could go. Badges are 15 slashing 1 shooting 30 defense and 12 playmaking. Everyone got the same damn assembles its really annoying and becoming with this construct was hilarious, to ruin their shit. Particularly when the PF slashing playmakers came conducted their pockets every single moment.

Is there going to be any visual differences from 2K21 or even experiential differences since the rosters will be basically the same without a rookies yet? After years do they even consider MyLeague? The transaction, hang ups that are small, contract issues are almost repeats every year that any basic testing protocol must address in quality control. Just as they realize they have no competition and those that are addicted to this nba NBA 2K21 games will get it. Just how much would it cost to bankroll or crowdfund Live or any other game?

Regarding your question. It's a lot more cash than most people would believe. Youwork your way upward to paying the two Splash Brothers combined, and'd begin with a minimum of paying Eric Bledsoe, and that's possibly just development costs, not counting marketing or permit acquisition. This guide is just 6 years old but provides you a ballpark. In regards to the NBA and NBAPA signed a $1.1 Billion agreement with Take Two final year to get licensing rights to make basketball games for another 7 decades.

I don't see the logic in complaining about content in one match spent money on, and also want to audience source a NBA 2K21 game for the next billion dollar company or unknown. I spend cash on it to get an nba NBA 2K21 game and it was a great solution, at precisely the exact same time it's getting ridiculous not to touch modes, to not even do quality control checks on same glitches reoccuring year later year when someone of them by a programming standpoint aren't crazy fixes. That complacency is absurd but thats exactly what happens when companies stop innovating nad focus.

As lovers of what they've done in the past and the need to get a hoops game we are left with no options because is not up to the organization snuff to reconstruct. But this is a forum where we discuss everything could and should be improved, that is nba2king. The marketplace should be driven by the lovers in theory. No game will be ideal, they all will need development, but that's also a line between that and allowing some detail fixes that are very simple to go on for a few years as if they didn't test the manners.